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Where to Find College Scholarships

Scholarship expert scholarship guru financial literacy expert and the list goes on so one of the main reasons happily claim. Those particular titles are because I was able to earn over $100,000 and merit, and outside scholarships to fund my education at a very expensive private university. So basically I kicked student debt and stress to the curb because no one has time. Scholarships here’s the thing scholarships are everywhere you can find scholarships in the library on bulletins books online, but today I’m gonna make your life a little easier and simplify your search just a bit. So today I’m going to cover four different resources, that you can tap into in order to find numerous scholarship opportunities.

The first resource is cap X.COM cap X is a free scholarship and college search website. They provide all of there sources you need to learn about colleges, different majors, and of course scholarships. In order to be eligible for the scholarships on cap X, you’ll want to create a free cap X profile. Where the site will ask you a series of questions pertaining to your interests hobbies extracurricular activities and so forth. Now it may take you some time to fill out your personal profile. But providing as much detailed information as possible will definitely work in your favor. And you’re probably wondering why and that’s. Because it will match you with personalized scholarship results that actually align with your interest. which will definitely increase your chances of winning scholarships. Next scholarship resource Oh Peterson’s scholarship grants and prizes, so from cover to cover this book lists scholarships based on literally anything.

That you can think of military service career interest employment talent you name it it’s in this book. I currently have the earlier version. I have the 2016 version the reason, I love Peterson’s is because. They update their scholarship database every single year, so right now the 2018 version is out. And I believe that the 2019 version will be dropping very soon. So please be sure to get this book every single year. It is a great investment and it’s super resourceful now the third resource is scroll. It’s a super convenient scholarship resource because well it’s an app for limited access to their robust scholarship database. You will have to pay $2.99 a month, but it’s well worth the investment. So similar to CAPEX you will be asked to create a student profile then the app will generate a list of scholarships.

That match your needs and qualifications now you can also access other resources on the app. Such as sample scholarship essays for free. So the fourth resource is now if you don’t live in the United States, but you would like to pursue an education in the United States you can find some great information regarding colleges and financial aid opportunities on education The USA. This is a website ran by the US Department of State and on this website, you will find a frequently updated list of financial aid opportunities. This network also offers over 425 international student advising centers around. The world where you can actually meet with an advisor face-to-face to learn about the U.S. college application process.

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