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Top scholarships to study in English speaking countries

  Five scholarship opportunities for you to apply where English is a native language. However, is very important to mention that prior to applying to scholarship the preparation is key. To acquire to earn that you get the scholarship. You want you another thing you almost forget to tell you is that. These scholarships are offered by the government. So they tend to open every year in the same period of time for example. They open almost always in April they probably. open the next year in April well. So keep that in mind when preparing yourself beforehand to apply for them.

  • Number one is The Fulbright scholarship offered by the United States. And it has agreements with around 155 countries, and it will all the programs. That is offered will depend on the country, they have agreements. But some of the problems, they usually have are for researches you know for Ph.D. students to actually do part of their Ph.D.Their project in the United States and they have a program called fee LTA.Which stands for foreign language teaching assistants designed for people. Who has graduated you know teaching?
  • Number two the United States and you know practicing a more professional experience. These programs usually cover all the costs for example airfare also the accommodation meals. But I also recommend you to double-check. Because it may vary according to the program applying for number choose the scholarship offered by the Canadian government. Which may vary depending they have like regions where they separate these kinds of scholarships. But also depends on you know if you’re going to apply for a graduate school. If you’re going to apply for undergrad school but for example they have a problem specific for emerging countries. For example in America so they have Mexico Brazil Chile and they actually have an agreement only with Chile. So I’ll put the link down below for you check it out and they cover all the costs you need including a monthly allowance for you you know to cover your expenses while you are studying there.
  • Number three is The chilling scholarship which is offered by the UK government. However it’s only for masters degrees, so if you wanted to pursue you know further pursue your studies in it with your master’s degree. This may be a very good opportunity, but they have some basic requirements, for example, you need to have two years of working experience. And also well once you graduate you need to go back to your country and stay there for two years.
  • Number four is the aim there was scholarship offered by the Australian Government and it’s also covered all the costs you’re going to needs including a monthly allowance. So I really recommend its scholarship because of the opportunity. You have to study in Australia and also it’s pretty much covered all the levels of study the only level all study. That you cannot apply the scholarship for is for an undergraduate degree. But it’s covered in a vocational study to cover graduate studies pretty much everything. So if we really like this opportunity I prepared today because. It’s going to open again next year in 2018 at the end of April probably. So you still have a lot of time to prepare yourself and be good candidates apply for a disopportunity.  
  • Number five in the last college opportunity are going to be talking about today is offered by New Zealand. And you know they have a lot of scholarship and fellowship opportunities. So I’m going to put their link down below for each check it out by yourself. And you know to keep in mind that they have I know a lot of opportunities a lot of scholarships fellowships. So you know to take a look with you know calm with time to actually find the ones they’re best for you. That you actually have a chance to win actually check the requirements the nationality requirements all the requirements. They are telling there and apply for those you think are best for you because you can actually apply for more than one. And if you don’t receive one each of all charge you know the next application the application for it. The other scholarship so I really recommend you to look for I know maybe two or three scholarships that are suitable to you. And apply for all of them.

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