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Top Merit Scholarships Women’s College Students

You can see the one at the very top is Cooper Union that’s actually a school. That historically has provided free tuition to all its students. So even rich students. They also had a deal where students at one time got full tuition-free tuition regardless of and they still are generous to students of all income levels. Bryn Mawr College one thing that’s a women’s college and it’s not too surprising to see a woman’s College up this high. Because a lot of times girls feel like they don’t want to go to a women’s college. So because it’s harder it can be the hardest sell even education can be wonderful. They offer some merit scholarships.

USC University Southern California and Washington University in st. Louis that one way that. They have become very-hot schools is because. They are aggressive in giving merit scholarships to rich students. The University of Chicago which is really trying to make a push and raise some ears to become more exclusive is that. They weren’t exclusive enough, so one way that you can do that is to offer merit scholarships to rich students. So you can go all the way down the list and see what schools now a lot of these schools. What are the most elite don’t offer much of any merit scholarships? You’ll see for instance University of Notre dame only 3% get those scholarships Duke 3% NYU 3% on. The next kit as we go further down you’ll see a shrinking number, in fact, a lot of some of the school.

 MIT Harvard Georgetown Dartmouth Princeton the school’s read the schools. That is typically high in the highest in the college rankings as ranked by the US. News & World Report don’t have to provide merit scholarships to rich students. Because rich students will come to these schools even if they have to pay full price because of the brand name. So let’s try this again and look at throw a wider net and look at schools. That isn’t so selective, so this time we’re going to look at very-difficult schools let’s see. What the definition is more than 50% of freshmen were in the top 10% of their high school class. And scored over 12:30 on the SAT or over 26 on the ACT and about sixth about 60% or fewer of all applicants are accepted. So we’re going to hit very-difficult we still have this checked include only students without financial need and then we’re going to hit find.

Hillsdale College which is actually a wonderful liberal arts college in Michigan. That is a Christian conservative College their professors are highly ranked the University of Michigan is way up there Michigan. Which is a very popular flagship they give out a lot of scholarships. But they’re not very much typical the average scholarship, I think is less than $6,000 and this is after the University California schools.

University mission is the most expensive State University for non-residents. So keep that in mind those smart students non-residents. Who get into Michigan could very well get a scholarship, but it’s not going to cut the cost of this school for fight very much. Patrick Henry is an as a Christian conservative school. Denison is a wonderful liberal arts college Rhodes I talked about in another one of my classes. So you can see on down the list schools, that are that give a good amount of merit scholarships to students. Who doesn’t need you’ll see on this list there are a lot of liberal arts colleges. Because they do have to try a little harder because people haven’t heard of schools like Hendrix.

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