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Swedish Government Scholarships for International Students

Sweden is a destination of choice for thousands of students every year. This is not just because Sweden is a beautiful country with stunning landscapes. What are the benefits you will get what are the English language requirements for Swedish universities? What is the admission process and what are some of the important deadlines and then at the end. So as you all know that Sweden is in Europe and Stockholm is it’s capital and home to 950 thousand people the other two big cities are Gothenburg and Malmo Gothenburg has five hundred and seventy thousand people? Malmo has three hundred and forty thousand people. The official language of Sweden is Swedish, but the majority of people can speak English very well there are two types of scholarships for international students in Sweden Swedish Institute scholarships and University scholarships.

 Swedish Institute is a government agency which offers scholarships to international students and researchers Swedish Institute scholarships for global professionals SIS GP. These are the scholarships which are offered to most countries, in fact, these scholarships are available to 34 countries, and this is the list of all. Those countries before we discuss further these scholarships. And where you can get more information let’s have a look at the recipients of these scholarships this year. This is the list of recipients here you can see that around 16,000 543 applications were received. By nearly five thousand and three hundred students. Out of these three thousand five hundred and, forty-six students were able to secure the admission in the university. And three hundred and eighteen students got these scholarships. Now if you scroll this list down you can see some of the master programs where these students got the scholarship. And this can give you a little bit of guidance about what master program is good for you. Now let’s talk about what are the benefits of this scholarship. So number one is the 10000 SEK per month, so SEK means Swedish Krona.

Which is the currency there so ten thousand Karuna per month then you get travel grant of 15000 Korona once during your study you also get illness and accident insurance. And you also get membership of two networks now let’s talk about the English language requirements there are few ways you can show your English language competency. If you are living in our English-speaking country you might not require any English exam, but for most of the international students, they have to appear either in the IELTS exam or the TOEFL exam. for English language requirement of the master program they use a term called English language 6 and what is the English language 6. if you are giving an IELTS exam which is the Australian exam then you have to score 6.5 overall, with no section less than 5 point5 for you. And if you are appearing in a UK version of the English Language Testing System. Which is called TOEFL exam then it depends on whether you are appearing in a paper-based exam or in an online exam. And the scores vary and these are the scores for both of these exams. Now before we talk about the admission process I would like to mention something that.  

Which you should consult and now let’s talk about the admission process in Sweden is very simple. You can apply to multiple programs and universities using a single application. Now, this is the website University admission where you have to log your application. There are two sessions these are the deadlines which you should keep in mind when applying for your admission. You should note when the online service is available. What are the application deadlines, when the notification will come and when the semester starts? So an important point here is that when you are notified for your admission. When you get the notification you have to respond you have to reply to the University. So, therefore, make sure that you reply no there are two semesters one starts in January. Which is called the spring the other is in called autumn. Which starts in of a September but the important thing here is that all the scholarships are for the autumn session.

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