Finland Scholarships


Some scholarships and grants, which can help you to cover your tuition fee and your living expenses. And I’m explaining to you about two scholarships. Which can help you to move to Finland and don’t pay anything at all? But I must mention that these programs are working for master-degree let’s start with the first one. So the first grant is giving by the University of Helsinki and it has kind of three grants fully-funded grant. Which means that they’re paying your tuition fee plus, they give in ten thousand euros as I understand right. If I understand right these ten thousand zeros are going to you for two years. So kind of like five thousand euros per year it’s approximately 550 euros per month.

It’s like the minimum kinda which you’re supposed to have on your bank account every month like at least in Finland. So I know that it’s five hundred sixty, but I think it’s approximately like that way so then there are full tuition fee grants. So which is covering only like tuition fee, and then there is study grant I actually didn’t get. What is it but in like options it says that they’re giving just ten thousand euros so probably it’s like including. That you can spend this money on the tuition fee and half of them on your living expenses or whatever. Because like most of the programs they’re costing like from like thirteen thousand of euros to like eighteen thousands of euros at least in the University of Helsinki. So probably it’s like that it says in their website that the tuition fee is granted for two years extension of this grant. Kind of will you receive it for this or not depends also on your like braids.

Which you will get on the first year if you will be not that successful maybe like students in the first grades. There is a chance that you will not receive the same amount or the same grant for the second year of your study. But if everything is fine then your scholarship will be continued and that’s great news. Who is illegal to receive this scholarship there are several criteria for that first of all I’m just reading from the website. So I’m sorry first-of all if you’re illegal for a master program at the University of Helsinki so this means. That you already supposed to have your bachelor-degree it’s like maybe your hometown like. Or you received it in some other country but at least you already have this like high education. So and you’re like illegal in to continue your studying and receive a master-degree.

 The second criteria are that you’re liable for tuition fees. So your citizens from maybe non-Europe or like countries, who don’t have permanent resident starters in their European Union. So and you’re then liable to receive this tuition fee. Also, I know that if you for example somehow from America. Which is also having this like a partnership with the University of Helsinki. So and if you are from the USA then you might just go to google and type like Fulbright Finland like your say and there is also like some special conditions for that. How you can get this like grants for your studying there is like third criteria. That you may be like obtaining to receive an entry visa and residence permit for Finland.

 Which basically means that like you have rights to receive the visa. That you don’t have any problems with the law and so I think you shouldn’t have fun shouldn’t worry about that. And you have obtained excellent results in your previous studies and can prove it in your application. So for that step you just need to provide. I think your transcript of records from the previous place, and there isn’t so at least it doesn’t say on the website. That you should have some like for example about four points like six kinds of like medium score of your grades. But I think like if you’re just good enough. If you will write a good motivation letter and you will be fine even. 

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