U.S. Scholarships

Scholarships for Students in the US

You can get scholarships as an international student in the US. So I will show you how you can get scholarships before applying as well as after applying to the universities and also one you have arrived in the US. So let’s get started so step one if you haven’t applied to the University spelter of the universities. That gave you scholarships, so let’s go to college for dot o-r-g so here. I am at college port and you can go to search, by tapping on in the fine college section. So here I am going to filter out the colleges that give you scholarships. Where you live close to your university, where you have relatives and I mean so on. So you can technically filter out and this will give you one set of the list this is not going to be your entire list. So now what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna Google name of my college let’s say that is Georgia State University. Then search for financial aid, then this is one option and if you find your desired result. Then search for financial aid for international students.

Then if you still don’t find your desired result you need to go to you need to change financial aid to scholarships. So you can search for scholarships for international students and you can even try the moving for it master students. So these are not only the four keywords, that can help you filter out the universities, that gives scholarships. There’s another keyboard that is out of state waiver for international students or just out of state waiver. So out of state means that you are not belonging to that state, for example, let’s say California. If you were living in that state for more than a year. You will be called the resident and you will be paying institution. That is four times less than the fees paid by out-of-state students. As we are international students we come into the category of out-of-state students. So you can look up for out of state waivers and also you can look up for in-state tuition fees for international students. Or they just lookup for universities.

Where you will be paying in-state tuition fees, so this will not also be your entire list you will have to consider the total expenses before and after the scholarship. Your housing expenses food expenses in that particular state and then decide where you will be spending the minimum amount of money in that particular universities and that will be your list. Now if you have moved to U.S. or Canada you can still get scholarships, go to scholarship Resource Center. If you have any in your university and ask them for private scholarships, scholarships for international students or merit-based scholarships and they might have a lot of those and apply to all of them now after this also go to your undergraduate advising or at the Graduate Admissions Center. So that’s the place where you applied to that University and talk to them. If they have scholarships available at that point in time.

 Now the third step goes to your department let’s say I’m a computer science student go to the computer science department and ask them. If they have any merit-based on any type of scholarships available for international students. In that case, keep your GPA very-high keep it like 3.5 work 3.5 so in case you’re not able to find scholarships using the three ways I mentioned there’s another way. So in case, you have some disability or you are facing some huge financial problems. You can talk to your departments your computer science your majors Department your admissions department. That is university admissions your international students and services department and also scholarship Resource Center and they might be able to help you in any way. They can so these are some of the ways I think you will be able to get scholarships.

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