U.K. Scholarships

Scholarships for students in the UK

 I‘ll be honest, it’s very hard to get “free” education in the UK. By “free” I mean fully funded by a scholarship, government or university. Also, keep in mind, the higher the level of study you going to pursue, the higher the chances of you getting a scholarship. There are a few types of university scholarships in the UK, the first one is based on educational excellence. These types of grants are solely based on the grades you are going to get on your exams.  

 If you are coming from a developing country, and you never studied abroad and you are willing to come back to your home country to make a positive impact, many UK universities will consider to sponsor you. You can even get the whole Master’s course paid for you. That sponsor students from African countries and can pay for such things such as visa costs and flights to the UK.

 Third scholarships available, are scholarships based on the school you are currently studying at. For example, many schools have ties to UK universities. School-specific grants are usually given to students with exceptional grades. You have to check with your school if they have any links with British universities. If they work with these universities and can help you get this scholarship. Also if you are choosing school right now, it’s probably worth asking them if they have any links to British universities.

 The fourth type of scholarships available is course-specific. So there are some scholarships available from universities overall, but there are also separate schools within universities, such as the school of Engineering or Business Studies, that provide specific scholarships. For example, the University of Bath, the faculty of Engineering, offers 8 scholarships for students studying a Master’s degree. You can get around a 10 % discount on your fees. But that’s specifically if you are going to study Engineering.

And the final type of scholarship that I know about, are scholarships based on Sports Achievement What I mean by Sports Excellence is some kind of achievement you have on the national or international level in any sport. Obviously, the university will consider if your achievement is significant enough for a scholarship but do keep in mind.

 If you have some exceptional talent, if you are good at any sport, you should use it to get a scholarship. Let’s take an example, a University of Exeter offers up to £3,000 pounds worth of scholarship available for a single student if you have some exceptional sports talent. As you can see there are so many scholarship options available from universities.

Now, what’s the process of actually obtaining these? The first step is research. I think this is the most important step. Some people just apply for university, and then check: oh, are there any scholarships? If scholarship and funding help is super important to you, do your research beforehand, you have to research whether the university has any scholarships that are suitable for you.

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