African scholarship

Scholarships for African Students

Scholarships for Africans to go to study in Europe America Australia New Zealand in all other countries. Which are more advanced compared to the countries in Africa. But I didn’t talk about more about undergraduate scholarships. So today I’m having this session to explain about the undergraduate scholarship or undergraduate opportunities for people from Africa. I can simply say overall statement I’m going to put the overall statement and then I’ll go into detail to explain. Why and how does that come to play? Why that is very difficult for you to get that kind of scholarships for undergraduate, scholarships in comparison to applying for graduate masters Ph.D. Opposite neutral studies in the same countries in the developed world. So when you are playing for undergraduate studies the funders the people. Who are given scholarships they don’t prefer to give a scholarship to undergraduate.

 They give more scholarships to people for graduate studies for the various number of reasons. There are very-good reasons by the way but sometimes some. You must have your own opinion but I’m going to break down these kinds of reasons and you can see. What can you do is a solution is a way forward. If you are looking for scholarships opportunities for undergraduate-level number one the language of instruction the medium of instruction the language is used in this kind of countries half in English in the other country. They are using their own languages. So if you go to study in any country and that country is not using English as the national language.

That country the mother tongue is not English those people in that particular country the language of instruction from kindergarten to bachelor-degree. It is their mother tongue it’s their national language. So if you’re going to Sweden they are studying in Swedish if you could Norway Norwegian. If you go to Germany. They are using the German language if you go to the Netherlands. They are using the Dutch language from kindergarten to a bachelor degree. So that makes it difficult for you coming from Tanzania Kenya Uganda Madagascar coming from countries in Africa. Do you want to pursue your studies Bachelor degree let’s say in Sweden? Obvious you have to take the Swedish test just like how we have the English Proficient tests. They have Swedish professions test they have German proficiency test. So you have to perform you have to pass. That test to prove that you can be able to pursue studies using the language of that particular country. So that is the number one reason why is it difficult, so there are that makes very few countries remain.

Where they are using English is the national language English is the mother tongue. That means from kindergarten to bachelor-degree they are using English. So that means you go to the U.S. you go to Australia New Zealand UK in general I mean you put an ad and you put those words and put in Britain itself. So that’s what in half of Canada and if we want to go to other countries you might talk about going to India or other countries. But in general, there are very few countries in the developed world. Where they are using English is the national language or their mother tongue. But if you are going to the countries where the English are not used as the mother tongue. That means is very-difficult to get discouraged for a bachelor’s degree but some countries. If you go to Sweden if you go to Norway. If you’re going to Finland to know, I mean in Denmark you are going to the Netherlands.

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