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How to Study in Germany For Free Scholarships in Germany

 How you can get a scholarship program in Germany and how you can fund your fees in German universities for under-graduate, graduate or the doctoral programs. That’s how you can get also the living expenses. This information for you getting a scholarship in Germany. Three types of scholarships available in Germany, if you want to study in Germany there are three types of scholarship programs. The one that’s from the that’s called a government-funded scholarship. That is provided by the government-funded agencies. The next one the second one is called non-government funded scholarships. That is offered by the other non-government agencies. And the third one is the university-specific scholarship program. So the total of two types of scholarship programs and one of those, I have already mentioned in the government-funded scholarships and the next one is non-government funded scholarship.

Government-funded scholarships in Germany

Government-funded scholarships in Germany for this we’ll have to search in Google first up I’ll show you all steps. So that you can also do these all steps at home. That’s not so much difficult so you will start searching from da-ad scholarships. Once you search it with the Google, so first up you’ll have to look around it. So this is the link you’ll have to open this one this is so easy to use and you can use it without any problems. So after opening it, you will come towards the first option that’s finding scholarships. This scholarship database is over here you can click over it after clicking onto this option, you will have to select or you will have to give your personal information. So that you can get some specific information about if you have got the opportunities for your country to get a scholarship from da-ad. So that’s very important so let’s not forget the da-ad it simply means.

It’s German academic exchange service in German it’s Deutsch Academy Shah house now exchanged. So this is the best government organization from it, you can get your comment funded scholarships. So if you look around on the left side of this area, you will see there will be a forum you’ll have to fill it out it’s so easy to choose. So status will have to choose first up the status that’s up to you if you want to go for the graduation program. So or you what you want to go for the doctoral programs or the post or research programs, or the faculty that you want to choose. So let’s suppose if you are going for an undergraduate program. So I will choose it undergraduate and you’ll have to give your country of a region.

Which of the country are you going to choose for you or which are the country you are representing right now. Or the password that you have got from the country certain country let’s talk about. If you have got a passport from India, you are Indian national and you write it over here. That you are in India national and you have to choose an option as an Indian. So here we write Indian we choose Indian instead of writing sorry then we’ll go for a certain type of program, suppose let’s suppose. We have these types of options and gendering are to music sport mathematics Natural Sciences law economics and social sciences let’s suppose. We choose to engineer first of all just for an example, so if we can here we can check out this box. If we just want to find the programs that are funded only by da-ad, or he can also provide you some programs. Which are government-funded scholarships, And they are funded by other authorities?

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