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How to Get Scholarships for College! FULL RIDES

Scholarships knowing what your unique factor is when scholarship readers look at applications. So every school has a student council every school has a National Honor Society. Some people do a lot of community service hours other people start a club or organization you just have to choose something. That you think will make you stand out, so a lot of people will brainstorm think of that activity. They’ve been in any awards they’ve won if they’ve done a ton of traveling.

That makes you unique and you’ll want to stress that in your scholarship applications. So going along with that you want to build your activities resume. So some people build a resume as they get hired in their high school education. So they have it when they go in for college applications and scholarship application and sometimes those applications might even ask you to submit a resume. To build your-resume try to focus on that unique factor if you want to major in the science fields maybe join a ton of science-related clubs at your school. Try not to be all over the place, because it makes it hard for people who are reading your application to see.

What type of person you are for example. If there’s a scholarship for a student. Who wants to be a journalist they want to see someone with an activities resume. That has them participating in the school newspaper and going beyond. What the average student might use they might be confused. If you have things like science fair Awards if you’re applying for a journalism scholarship. And vice versa so make sure you look like you’re focused, And that you are the right pick for that scholarship. Another factor in scholarships is your grades, so some scholarships a very few though. Don’t look at your grades but most will ask you to submit a transcript from your school. And they’re going to be looking at your GPA.

Some even look at your test scores. So make sure you are studying ahead of time for your SAT and a CT. Because it’s not only for college admissions they use it for scholarships. As well so make sure you are staying on top of your grades, I know that’s hard for some people but just try to do your best. Because that’s all you can ask of yourself. So now I’m going to talk about how you’re going to search for your scholarships. There are those two main categories outside scholarships and scholarships that, colleges award to incoming freshmen. So the type of scholarships that I got were ones that college is awarded to incoming freshmen. So when I apply to college they notified me. that I was admitted to the school and I also received scholarships, but I did apply to some outside scholarships. I think I applied for anywhere from 30 to 40 over my senior year and I did not get one so the chances all depend on the type of student. You are on what you’re applying to for example some students see it harder to get the scholarships.

That comes from the Schools, for example, the NYU scholarship that I was awarded only got awarded to 80 people out of the 63 thousand applicants. So it was way harder for a student to get that scholarship. And other scholarships like small local ones your chances are way greater. So just apply to a mix and I will go into both sections right now. So I’m gonna start with the ones that schools award because I’m most familiar with those since I received them. So schools will have on their website, an area where you can see the scholarships.

That they give out so you want to Google merit scholarships for blank school. So what I did was I did this for every school I was applying to I googled what their merit scholarships were. Because I knew that I might not get a lot of financial aid I wasn’t sure so I knew I needed some academic-based scholarships. So you will pull up a list and sometimes they will list if you have this GPA and this test score. You will get this amount of money, and a lot of public universities list that a lot of smaller universities list that. And it makes it easier for you to know what to shoot for on your standardized testing. So it might say if you have a 27 a CT you get $10,000 a year.

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