Merit Scholarship

How To get Merit Scholarships

 Merit scholarships, I get questions from families every now and then. Who says I’m not going to get any financial aid package, but the cost of college is so high. There’s no way I can pay full price so. What schools are going to give might give my child merit scholarships. One thing I  always tell people is number one don’t be so sure that you won’t qualify for need-based aid. Because the higher the price of the school the more likely you could qualify for need-based aid, in fact, there’s plenty of schools.

Where you could get me based aid if you make one hundred fifty thousand dollars or more a year. This my little lesson in using this merit scholarship tool is part of a course. That I’m giving along with Michelle Kretz Maariv do-it-yourself college rankings. So if you want to know more about our class, just head to our website the college solution com or to do-it-yourself college rankings com and you’ll learn more about. This I think really valuable class, so where is this tool that I’ve been talking about well. You can find it on the college datacom which is a great little website.

So we’re going to college data and I’ll show you how you can use the tool let’s start at the beginning the home page I’ll show you here’s the home page how you can access this tool is first to click on search for colleges. and you’re going to be led to college data’s college match where. You can look for schools based on a lot of criteria, for instance, the region the type of you know. How big the student body is public or private schools graduation rates selectivity. So today you know I think I’m will be doing another session just about ways. That you can use college data but for today.

What I’m going to do is just focus on these merit scholarships. So what I have you do is first-of all select the entrance difficulty I’m select most difficult. and you can get a definition of that of the most difficult schools to get into their definition is more than 75% of the freshmen. Were in the top 10% of their high school class and scored over 1310 on the SAT or over 29 on the AC T. And these schools accept 30% or fewer of their applicants. So that’s the category of schools we’re going to look at first. And then we’re also seeing here marinade that’s what we’re going to be looking at and only includes students. Without financial aid, I’m clicking that, so then you’re going down here and you’re hit fine sometimes. It takes a little while to get this here we go and then. These are the schools that are the most difficult to get into what I want to do is a worry is categorized. These by Mary aid so I click on that the marinade tab. So here we go so these are the most difficult schools to get into and what percentage of students receive merit aid.

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