International Scholarships

How to Find an International Scholarship

Find scholarships where to look and then, what to do after you actually find a scholarship along with a few pointers. That you want to keep in mind along with your search alright. So the first thing is first before we get started keep in mind you can send in any questions. That you have that we don’t address them in the hang, I can send those into the chat feature that’s right there on the right-hand side. And we will get to those at the end of the hangout, so don’t worry if we haven’t addressed a specific question. That you have we will get to that in the end all right, so let’s get started now first thing is first. We have a top tip for you um and two things, that you will want to be whenever you’re searching for scholarships are determined and detail-oriented. Now scholarships are free money and most of the time you’re not going to find a company.

That is readily willing to just give away money. Because it’s going to take time, first of all, to find that scholarship as you probably already know. There are a few other that are available but it takes time to sit through all of them. So stick with it you have to set aside some time to really focus and search for scholarships. Plus after you find that scholarship you’re going to have to put in a lot of work. You might have to write an essay you’ll have to complete the scholarship application, and you have to run around campus trying to compile documents. Maybe even around town, you’ll have to maybe get letters of recommendation you’ll have to be your transcript. maybe a financial statement to show, that there’s need so it does take work. But they determined and this is going to be a good trick into being one of the last ones standing. When it comes to applying for that award now detail-oriented.

It’s very important to stay organized. That’s going to help you to be detail-oriented, now whenever it comes to being detail-oriented. There are a few reasons that this is important first-of all scholarships will eligibility requirements. So if you’re not paying attention to details maybe you miss one of the eligibility requirements. Perhaps you’d have to be an undergraduate student and you’re a graduate student. That’s going to automatically eliminate you from being eligible, so pay attention to details before you put in all the hard work of finding. The scholarship and applying and that way you won’t be wasting time. So detail-oriented it’s very-important because one it’ll help you to win that award and it’ll help you from wasting your own time. When searching and applying all right so now that you have our two top items that you want to keep in mind whenever you’re finding scholarships.

This is a document that we suggest that you create whenever you find awards. That you are interested in applying for, so before you even begin the search you’ll want to create this document and what this is going to do is it’s going to help you with the second item. That we discussed, being detail-oriented and organized. So here you want to have each of these items on your spreadsheet you might want to pull up an Excel or a Google Doc and put it into there. And then you’ll have each of the scholarships. That you want to apply for and list it out here, so the first thing that you want to include for your scholarships. That you find is the link nothing is worse than finding a great scholarship. That you want to apply for, I’m just to have it lost in cyber-land later on you go back and you can’t find it. So this is going to help ensure that you have that link readily available. That way you have it anytime that you need second is going to be the due date um you know most scholarships.

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