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How to apply for Finland scholarship

How to apply for this scholarship, first of all, you need to find a master’s degree. Which will be like situated before you’re studying or which will be interesting for you. And they’re like providing on this website you can like find it. If you’re following the link which I like left for you in the description in the degree finder. So you can find the specialty which will be interesting for you. Then the second step you need to see the instructions on how to apply to the master program and prepare the necessary attachments. These attachments, I think to require like your transcript of records from the previous place like a certificate of graduation like some of it. Then also you’re supposed to if you are from the countries who don’t have like English as a native language. Because if like you’re going to study in English then, of course, you need this. Or maybe you’re like so genius that you learned Finnish then I think there are some special exams for you their entry exams in Finland. So you need to pass TOEFL and IELTS to prove your level like English skills and also they like it depends on the universities. Some universities required like couple letters of recommendation from some of your professors. Or like your like for example your employers or something so and well that’s basically all but you can check more properly. These requirements on their website. Because all universities have different, I can say that the University of Helsinki for example.

If we consider TOEFL exam they require if I remember right 90 points or 92. So and for me, that was a little bit kind of like sad news. Because like a couple of weeks ago I passed hopeful just to verify what kind of level of English I have and I got 80 points. Which means that I still like to need to study and to gain more like. This 90 or 92 points to get into the Helsinki University like to be able for this application. So if you’re passing IELTS, they require like 6.5 it’s like the minimum requirement with a minimum score of 6.0 in the writing section. So if you’re passing TOEFL yes I was right if it’s TOEFL in Turin based then it’s minimum 92 points and minimum score all for like 22 in the writing section. Then the third step you need to apply for the scholarship with the same application as from form used to apply for the master degree. And the fourth step that you’re just submitting all the required attachments and waiting for the results. so and the second scholarship in Finland which can like to cover all of your studying. So the University who is providing it costs a buck a day me as I could Amy University you can see here it’s with this a with zero so academia university. Which is like getting in Turku our tuition fee are also paying for non-European students like. So if you’re from not Europe you can apply for that, and they also have different types of scholarships so first-of all, it’s full scope scholarship. Which is covering that usual fee and includes an annual scholarship to cover their students living expenses.

Which is like actually it’s less than in the University of Helsinki. So it’s six thousand seven hundred twenty euros awarded for two years second year conditional it since it’s as in options. There are second grants and it’s like covering tuition fee scholarship and covering 100% of the tuition fee and also it’s a wedding for two years.

 The third one to tuition fee scholarship which is covering 50% of their tuition fee and it also worried for two years on which like the decision that you will get the scholarship in this awesome Ibaka Jamie University like based on. the first one it’s their academic performance of the student in your previous study. Again this like I think score of your grades. Then how well the applicant meets the program requirements, so I consider that if you want to study some maybe new profession. Then it might be not the best so it should be situated well with your previous for example. If you studied management then, I suppose that it should be something with management as well.

The third requirement it’s the answers the applicant applicants. This words this English language the answers the applicants have given in the application form. So how good you will maybe prove to them, that you really need this grant again. That you really deserve it that you’re super motivated and like you will change Finland’s like to a better way. So there is like also some information about this second year of study. So it says that the scholarships are awarded for two years however the second year is conditional depending on the progress of the studies. In order to qualify for the scholarship and the second year scholarship holder must earn at least 55 credits during the first academic year. Process the progress of the studies is checked at the end of May. So if you will be again not super successful students in your field. Then you will you may lose the grant for the second year that’s why you need to work as hard as possible not to lose this opportunity. Let’s also check actually their requirements for the English language. So if you’re going to pass the IELTS then they have also like the score of 6.5 with no individual scores below five points five. So the TOEFL if you’re passing TOEFL then the ha no score should be 90 in the internet-based test and if you’re somehow passing the paper-based test. Then there is supposed to be 575 points so that was these two scholarships. Which I at least marked for myself and I will probably apply for them in the next year but also I have a list of the scholarships. Which providing just the discount for the tuition fee. But they are not covering living expenses. if you’re also interested in them so they actually have good Scouts like 50 percents they’re covering or 100 percent.

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