MEXT SCHOLARSHIP explained: STUDY in Japan for-FREE

MEXT here stands for The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology (MEXT), which funds these scholarships. Under this program, the Japanese government will provide you with a monthly scholarship of around 140,000 yen for the whole period of study, It will cover your tuition fees, again for the whole period of your study, and will also pay your travel expenses to and from Japan. There are a few types of MEXT scholarships, I think six in total, out of them these two will result in an academic degree: Number one is Undergraduate-student scholarship. It will provide you with a scholarship for 5 years in total. During your first year, you will take obligatory Japanese language courses.

Which will prepare you for the classes at a Japanese university? And in the following 4 years, you will study along with Japanese students in order to get a bachelor degree in … Read the rest