MBA Scholarships

Scholarships for MBA in Abroad

Scholarships for MBA is a common problem, and not just among those who come from low-income backgrounds. The problem with loans is the high rate of interest and the long payback period. That’s why scholarships are so popular. It’s free money! Over the years, MBA Crystal Ball consultants have helped tons of applicants get scholarships.

What are the scholarships?

Scholarships are generally discounts on the tuition fee. Which means you are not getting any extra money in your pockets. You’re just spending lesser. The proportion may vary, but it generally applies only to the tuition. You still have to worry about the other costs of studying – like accommodation, food, transportation, books, and study trips.

Why do universities offer scholarships?

There are two primary reasons why universities offer scholarships. The official (and rather philosophical) reason is to make it is easier for deserving candidates to join the program. While that’s … Read the rest