Finland Scholarships


Some scholarships and grants, which can help you to cover your tuition fee and your living expenses. And I’m explaining to you about two scholarships. Which can help you to move to Finland and don’t pay anything at all? But I must mention that these programs are working for master-degree let’s start with the first one. So the first grant is giving by the University of Helsinki and it has kind of three grants fully-funded grant. Which means that they’re paying your tuition fee plus, they give in ten thousand euros as I understand right. If I understand right these ten thousand zeros are going to you for two years. So kind of like five thousand euros per year it’s approximately 550 euros per month.

It’s like the minimum kinda which you’re supposed to have on your bank account every month like at least in Finland. So I know that … Read the rest

Finland Scholarships

How to apply for Finland scholarship

How to apply for this scholarship, first of all, you need to find a master’s degree. Which will be like situated before you’re studying or which will be interesting for you. And they’re like providing on this website you can like find it. If you’re following the link which I like left for you in the description in the degree finder. So you can find the specialty which will be interesting for you. Then the second step you need to see the instructions on how to apply to the master program and prepare the necessary attachments. These attachments, I think to require like your transcript of records from the previous place like a certificate of graduation like some of it. Then also you’re supposed to if you are from the countries who don’t have like English as a native language. Because if like you’re going to study in English then, … Read the rest